Short Film // Directed by Spaceship & Koura Linda


This high-octane action spy drama was co-written by Spaceship & Koura Linda based on a story by Spaceship.  It was brought to life co-directed by Spaceship & Koura Linda filmed on location in Orlando, Florida in March 2022 with a limited cast and crew. 

"Gone Gray" is a spy phrase meaning a spy has blended in, and becomes completely unnoticed.

Through the incessant march of time, Special Agent Gray must face down her own darkness and decide if she has the will to live.


The film is currently in the festival circuit and available on Patreon for early access here.

CAST (in alphabetical order):

Amber Martin

Angeliz Bruno

Dick Colligan

Eileen Antonescu

Hannah Bender

Sierra Faris

Siohban Gale



Koura Linda

Jaz McGeoch

Megan Spencer

Dick Colligan

Amber Martin

J. Walter Hawkes

Nick Balaban

Sarah Daly

Special Thanks:

Dr. Jeff Martin

Alexandra Bedoya

Brooke Kayla

Soleyman Pierini

Melissa Tracy

Faith Dean

Karen Vinson

Nick Gambino


Official Selections:
Organization of Independent Filmmakers #ARISE Challenge - 2022

Dayton Independent Film Festival - 2022

Orlando Urban Film Festival - 2022

Tennessee International Indie Film Festival - 2022

Award Nominations:

Best Hair & Makeup - OIF

Best Production Design - OIF

Best Supporting Actress (Amber Martin) - OIF

Best Sound - OIF

Film Festival Awards:

Best Editing - OIF

Best Original Music - OIF

Best Cinematography - OIF

Best Actress (Siobhan Gale) - OIF

Best Original Story - OIF

Best Director(s) - OIF

Best Picture - OIF

Upcoming Screenings:

Dayton Independent Film Festival - 2022 - 24 Sep 7:00PM - 9:00PM