Tony & Koura talk female-directed feature films, and being a

"Female Filmmaker."

Tony The Movie Guy Podcast: Special Guest

Koura Linda

Writer/director Koura Linda takes a seat in THE RED BOOTH

Director, Koura Linda w/ Kimberly Q

Koura Linda becomes a film Director and is lauded for her work.

FULL EPISODE of Koura Linda with Kimberly Quigley on The Red Booth


Koura Linda on

The Red Booth

Spaceship's stunningly beautiful creation of music and verse, Wake Up is "genius"

"Wake Up"

EP Music Review

Tony & Spaceship deep dive into their favorite feature film documentaries, and talk filmmaking and some music!

Tony The Movie Guy Podcast: Special Guest Spaceship

Profound is all I can say

about this short film.

Names On The Wall

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