Short Film // Directed by Spaceship

48 Hour Film Project short film about a depressed lifeguard ready to give up, who finds hope through a strange connection to an upbeat young dancer.

Produced through virtual collaboration hundreds of miles apart, full production completed within 48 hour window.

Winner of the Miami 48 Hour Film Project Competition.


Official Selections:
48 Hour Film Project Miami - 2020

Hollywood Florida Film Festival - 2020

Filmapalooza - 2021




Best Poster - 48HFPM/FTL

Audience Choice - 48HFPM/FTL

​Best Use of Prop - 48HFPM/FTL

Best Use of Given Line - 48HFPM/FTL

Best Score - 48HFPM/FTL

Best Director - 48HFPM/FTL

Best Picture - 48HFPM/FTL